Night Patrol || Eldric & Eve

The sky was starting to get dark, even though it was still early. Not that Eve really cared. Even in her human form she could see better than the average person in the dark. The only thing that bothered her was that she was once again giving up one of her nights to go about on patrol with Sir Eldric once again. Part of her was a bit irked that she couldn’t go about on these patrols herself, seeing as she would be able to get around a lot quicker, but she dared not argue with the Queen’s orders. The pay was too good for her to even think about complaining about her orders.

As of right now, she was early, and leaning against the wall surrounding the castle, where the knights met to spare and meet. Technically, she wasn’t a knight, but being a Queen’s spy, she was often used for patrols, and was required to practice at least twice a week. That was the tricky part though. It’s only been a year since things have gotten a but more rocky in the kingdom, and she was needed for the patrols. However, the Queen didn’t want one of her best spies to be known by the kingdom, so she was only known by no more than three knights, two of them being from different areas in the kingdom. The one that knew about her here was Sir Eldric. So he was the one she practiced with and patrolled with.

Things were usually very professional between them, and this was one of the first patrols since fall that they’ve had together. Eve was kind of curious to how the knight was doing, but was more interested in getting this patrol over and done with as fast as possible. It was her hope that he wouldn’t slow her down.

In the shadow, she was dressed in black mens trousers, and a black tunic with black riding boots, and her hair in a braid, her usual uniform for spying, patrolling, or even the occasional robbing. Though that was something she liked to keep on the down low. Hopefully the two of them would be on foot tonight, seeing as she hated riding, and when she saw the blonde knight across the courtyard from her, she made her way quietly over to him, seeing as they were alone at the moment.

"Sir Eldric," she said in way of greeting, her usual half-smile on her face as she nodded slightly. "Good evening. You have our orders for tonight?"

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